About Phil Benton Photography

Photography, the purest form of communication.

Photography is about telling stories, about capturing and preserving those precious memories and honouring the living essence of the people and places that we love.

The right photograph can inspire so many emotions. It’s like having a favourite childhood song that can instantly transport you back to a treasured moment for you to experience all over again.

Captured in the right way, the photograph is perhaps the closest thing we can have to magic.

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The beginning – A photographer is born

My own journey, from training as a fifteen-year-old painter and decorator to receiving a life changing diagnosis of Myalgia Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) to then falling in love with the art of photography has certainly been both unique and challenging.

My condition compelled me to dig deep and uncover a passion that was to inspire me to capture the beauty and heartbeat of the land I had grown to love.

Photography quickly became my life – I was entering competitions and winning!

The feedback I received in those early days was incredible: I was told my work was too good to keep in a box. It should be out there for people to enjoy! This was my motivation, and along came Phil Benton Photography, a north east Photographer who specialises in Landscapes, Landmarks, Cities and Nature!

And now…

I do regular trade shows and take my stall to events where people know me and come back time and time again, just to see my pictures. I also sell my products in several shops throughout the north east and frequently add new products and photos to my range.

I have a huge following on social media, and deliver landscape photography talks at camera clubs throughout the region. I also offer 1:1 tuition, restore old photographs and work on personal commissions.

I’m extremely proud to say that some of my work has even been published in Landscape Photography of the Year!

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North East Photography Services

I am pleased to be able to offer my service to you – whether you’d like to purchase one of my stunning images on a media of your choice, or you’d like to commission me to visit and provide something more bespoke and personal.
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Visit My Virtual Gallery

Browse my virtual gallery from wherever you are! Featuring all kinds of art work you can get a taste of my work and have a gallery experience at home!

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Shop Prints & Gifts

Brighten up your home with amazing wall art or gift my photography to a loved one. We can even provide photographs as quirky miniature prints or even as a jigsaw! Please browse our store.