For months I had been looking forward to visiting this private woodland area to take photographs of the bluebells and on Thursday 27th May I finally got the chance to go.

To catch the golden hour light, I arrived around 6pm. I pulled up in the van, grabbed my kit and headed through the gates across the field towards the flowers.

It was so muddy due to all the rain we had over the previous weeks, I had to watch my step. One minute I was very carefully making my way down a slope and the next minute, ‘CRASH’, I was flat on my back with my camera bag underneath me and my camera and tripod on top of my chest! It bloody hurt!

I gradually got myself to my feet, covered in mud and a little shell-shocked but being the trooper I am I carried on towards the bluebells.

As always, I explored the area and had a look around to find the best position before I took the photos and video as planned.

Once I’d finished, I headed back, by this time I was starting to feel achy and sore and was looking forward to getting home and cleaning myself up. As I went to drive out of the car park, I realised the gate was locked and I was stuck! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Eventually after several phone calls, the gate was unlocked, and I was free to leave!!!

My point to this story is that there is so much more to being a photographer than you realise! You just see the finished product!

2 weeks on and I still haven’t fully recovered.

Just another day in the life of a photographer! I love it really!