London – Double Decker Movement


This print features a image of London with a colour pop contrast between the pillar box red bus and black and white background. The movement can be seen in the blurred background and if you look closely you can see the passenger sitting on the top deck looking straight at the camera.

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The prints come in a range of sizes and materials. If you can’t see what you’re looking for then please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Double Decker Movement. London 

Introducing this captivating print of London in black and white with a red double decker bus, a striking piece of artwork that combines the timeless elegance of black and white photography with a captivating pop of red from a double-decker bus. This print captures the essence of London’s urban energy and adds a touch of intrigue with a passenger on the bus making direct eye contact with the camera.

Expertly composed and thoughtfully captured, this monochrome print portrays the grandeur of London’s cityscape, highlighting its architectural splendor and dynamic atmosphere. The black and white tones create a classic and sophisticated aesthetic, while the strategically placed pop of red from the double-decker bus draws attention and adds a sense of drama to the scene. Upon closer inspection, the passenger on the bus gazes directly into the camera, adding a compelling element of connection and intrigue. It invites viewers to wonder about their story, creating a unique and personal experience with the artwork.

Available in various sizes, this print allows you to choose the perfect dimensions that suit your space and desired impact. Whether you opt for a smaller size to create an intimate focal point or a larger size to make a bold statement, this print will add a touch of urban charm to your surroundings. Crafted using high-quality materials and printing techniques, this print ensures exceptional detail and tonal range, bringing the black and white composition to life. The fine nuances of the cityscape, the textures of the architecture, and the vibrant pop of red from the bus are faithfully reproduced, allowing you to appreciate the intricacies and depth of this captivating scene.

Immerse yourself in the urban energy of London with this print. Whether you’re an admirer of black and white photography, a lover of London’s iconic landmarks, or simply captivated by urban street scenes, this print serves as a timeless reminder of the city’s allure and the stories that unfold within its bustling streets. Let it transport you to a moment frozen in time, where a passenger on a red double-decker bus looks directly into your soul, creating a connection that transcends the boundaries of art

The prints come in a range of sizes and materials. If you can’t see what you’re looking for then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Choices include:

  • Mounted A3 Prints
  • A4 Prints
  • Aluminium, Canvas and MDF Boards (various sizes)

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