Hedgehog Coaster


This coaster features a photo of a Hedgehog.

Facts About Hedgehogs – Hedgehogs are widespread throughout mainland Britain. During the summer months they will shelter in nests of leaves, moss and grass. They come out at night to find food. In the autumn they hibernate in a sheltered spot often under a hedgerow. They have poor eyesight but good hearing and a great sense of smell. They can run, climb and swim! If attacked they roll into a tight ball only exposing their spines. Hedgehogs can be found in the garden and they will come out on to patios if food is left out. Hedgehogs like to eat slugs, snails, beetles, earthworms, birds eggs, nestlings and carrion.


Make your tea break special with one of our cute hedgehog, high quality photo coasters or surprise a friend / loved one with this unique gift.

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