Lean On Me, Highland Cow & Calf, Quoted Greetings Card

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This greetings card features a photo of a highland cow and calf.

Highland Cow Facts – Originating as early as the 6th century in the Scottish Highlands and the Outer Hebrides Islands of Scotland the Highland Cow has longhorns and a long shaggy coat. The most noticeable difference between the male and female is their horns. A bull’s horns often grow forward or even slightly downward and have a much wider base. A cow’s horns are longer and finer at the tip and face upwards. Highland cows have a reputation for their fantastic temperament, hardly ever showing aggression and they are also very low maintenance to keep.

Make someone smile with one of our high quality photo greetings cards.

Lean On Me Highland Cow & Calf, Quoted Greetings Card.

The cards are A5 size and are blank inside so they are perfect for any occasion be it birthday or holiday. They come with an envelope and are kept in a protective plastic cover so they arrive completely pristine.

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1 review for Lean On Me, Highland Cow & Calf, Quoted Greetings Card

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    Chris Judson

    I’ve used Phil recently for some quoted print greeting cards. Fantastic quality and well received by my clients.

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