The Picture, The Story!

It was the 1st of January 2018, the first light of a new year. I made my way to Old Hartley, North Tyneside to get some shots of the sunrise looking towards St Mary’s Island. When I got there however, something didn’t quite seem right, I wasn’t where I needed to be. Photographers intuition maybe!!!

As I looked around, I could see dark skies heading out towards the sea, I knew they would drift across behind the hill in the Harbour at Seaton Sluice and that the sun would rise and light up the scene. Perfect for the picture! I made the decision to head along there. It was the right decision!

To capture the dark sky like this, was fantastic, the double rainbow was a huge bonus! Due to my M.E. my memory isn’t the best, but I remember this like it was yesterday and think I always will.

I wasn’t going to mention the fact, that as I was leaving, the skies opened and to say I got drenched is an understatement.

All part of the job though and I wouldn’t have it any other way!